The reality of NYC schools

I did a google search this weekend for lesson plans on the Crusades. I always make my own up, but it’s nice if other people have found primary sources for me. I found a project that sounds a lot like what we’re going to be doing in class; splitting in to groups of Muslims, Christian Kings, and clergy, each of whom has their own point of view on the crusades and will debate in class. But then I saw the note on the lesson plan:

“I like to split the class in to three groups. I usually have about 12 students in the class, so it works out pretty well.”

I have a minimum of 32 students in each of my classes. Sigh. I guess I won’t be borrowing that plan any time soon.


One Response to The reality of NYC schools

  1. kokopelli25 says:

    The same thing here – and not only do I have 33 students in my classroom, we’er also sitting in a shed the size of something animal rights activists would complain about if we were chickens.
    Isn’t it a shame that the state asks children to work – and learn something! And stay motivated! – under such conditions?

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