flubs and misdemeanors

Most years the Regents we grade are filled with hilarious mistakes. (Did you know Hitler was the leader of the Jews? But “he was a bad leader.” Priceless!) This year the essays were so friggin’ hard the kids didn’t have time to come up with many crazy new historical “facts.” They did manage to be pretty awesome with the short-answers, though.

The reading passage was all about feudal rights owed to the lord of the manor by his serfs. The students had to come up with one advantage the Lord received (free work) and one the serfs received (food for them and their beasts). Most students just read it backward and told us the Lord recieved food, but a few came up with much more creative solutions.

“The serfs receive that they get to carry manure all day.” (Yes, that would be delightful.)

“The serfs get someone to carry their horse for them.”

“The Lord receives that his serfs work for him and in return he gets three breasts.” (HAH. Although I wonder where the “three” came from. Those were some funky serfs.)


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