The first year our school gave the Global Regents we had an 11% passing rate.

Last year we had a 16% passing rate.

We just got done grading our tests for this year, and we ended up with about 60% passing.

It’s pretty good, and I’m very proud of my students, who worked very hard. A bunch of kids who killed themselves studying only got a 55, but that’s enough to graduate. One student was in the hospital the day of the test; she got dispensation to take it there, and got an 87!

I wish it had been 100% passing,  of course. The number includes several students who are severely special ed (as in, they don’t know the entire alphabet) and lots of kids who’ve only been speaking English for a couple of years. So good job, students! If you got all the way through that test, you earned it.


2 Responses to results

  1. jd2718 says:

    These kids had you for two years, right? (at least one, but I think you mentioned two in an earlier post). They were fortunate to have you.

  2. Yeah, these are the kids I looped with. I’ve gotten a bunch of thank-you emails, which are really sweet, because I feel a little bit sad that more of them didn’t pass.

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