Hey! So a lot more people than usual came to look at my little ol’ blog and learn about the Global Regents. Kids, I’ll tell you what I tell my students; complain complain complain complain. No, really! Let Klein know you think the Regents are unfair, and exactly why. Even better, get your parents to complain. The state board doesn’t listen much to students, and they don’t listen at all to teachers, but they love parents (especially parents who vote). You can send all your letters right here:

State Education Department, Education Building, Albany, New York 12234

Or, if you’d prefer, you can probably find a way to email or call them here.

Meanwhile, we are one day done with grading, and here’s what I’ve learned about the test; lots of it was hard, but there were some easy questions, too. One of our students has been trying for a 65 on this test for 3 years — this time, his 7th time through, he finally got it. The grading rubric is a little bit mean, and the DBQ’s were certainly pretty hard, but they weren’t impossible. The thematic essay was challenging — but just like 9 years out of 10 you could write about Hitler and be totally right.

Maybe next time I’ll post more Helpful Hints before the test.

As for the test yesterday, here’s what the Regents Board wants kids to know:

The Glorious Revolution limited the power of the monarchy.

Mansa Musa and Suleiman both presided over golden ages.

The Inca lived in Peru (and you had to find it on a blank map).

Kim Jong Il was most influenced by Karl Marx. (If you say so.)

Confucianists believe in filial piety.

Bismarck unified Germany (this was nasty, because they put Wilhelm II as a second option).

India and Pakistan have been fighting over Kashmir (this question was so loaded with cultural literacy problems that I can’t even get into it. The other one that really got my goat asked what happened to Hong Kong in 1997, which I never even considered teaching).

I left out the question about Constantinople because I can’t for the life of me remember what the right answer is supposed to be.

Sometime in the next couple of days I’ll put up some of our “better” answers and essay comments. We got some doozies this year.


2 Responses to aftermath

  1. Veuhrfeyr says:

    I know that teaching in the Bronx, your resources are not as fruitful as ours are back in Mamaroneck High School (Westchester), but why is it that I knew about every single thing that you’ve listed. Hong Kong was returned to China in 1997, my teacher didn’t teach it to us, he showed us a video. India and Pakistan, he literally spent five minutes on it. Yes, The Peru question was not fair, but that’s something you do in 9th grade. Unless you have a shorter period than 42 minutes, I suggest you buy a specific Regents review book and read it. Common sense says that N.Korea is a communist country and the only possible answer that relates to communism is Marx. It’s my opinion that you need to focus on a Core Regents curriculum, but it’s not fair of me to say that because I don’t know the kind of administration you work for/ the students you teach. Just for the sake of academic discussion, our High School has dropped the Global Regents as a graduation requirement because it’s too easy. I think 66% of Kids get above a 90. A friend who failed every subject almost failing global history, got an 89.

  2. Veuhrfeyr says:

    I take back the last comment, after reading the type of enviourment you work in, it must be hard just getting students to try,

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