pop quiz, hot shot

I talk a lot about what a terrible test the Global Regent is. How many of the following can you answer:

What was the “Glorious Revolution”?

What do Mansa Musa and Suleiman the Magnificent have in common?

What modern country was formerly inhabited by the Inca?

The trade route through Constantinople went from where to where?

Kim Jong Il was most influenced by what philosopher?

What is the main teaching of Confucianism?

Who was the nationalist who unified Germany?

What two countries are experiencing conflict over Kashmir?

Okay, now write an essay comparing and contrasting manorialism, mercantilism, and communism.

Those are all questions from today’s test. I took out the multiple choice answers, but they honestly weren’t that helpful — if I asked you whether Suleiman the Great presided over nationalistic expansion or a golden age, would it help you answer? I don’t know what Albany is thinking. I’m a global teacher and I wasn’t sure about two of these answers. How many of you are functioning adults who have no idea what happened during the Glorious Revolution, or how manorialism compares to mercantilism? The test is bullshit.


15 Responses to pop quiz, hot shot

  1. aa says:

    that test was really hard

  2. jd2718 says:

    My guesses (so busy, hadn’t remembered to ask anyone about today’s exam):
    1. The closing piece to the English Revolution. Brought William and Mary to the throne.
    2. They both opened up their empires to outside trade and ideas?
    3. Mostly Peru
    4. Silk Road. China to Venice?
    5. Confucius? Marx?
    6. Bismarck
    7. Experiencing conflict? Damn, these people should learn to write in English. India and Pakistan each control part of Kashmir. There have bombings and attacks, with each side blaming the other. I think they fought over the area several decades ago.
    8. I’m lousy at essays.

  3. jk9 says:

    It is ridiculous to assume that a fair test can be written to represent 3000 years of human history. Where do you start? How can anyone even predict what can be asked?
    This year’s test better be curbed or half the kids will end up failing. Oh no…..oh my…the stats!

  4. jd2718 says:

    The “curve” is largish. Most students in NY State pass, fairly easily. In NYC the story is not as good. And in the Bronx, ugh, this test is a challenge.

  5. David says:

    I too am a Global teacher, the essays were horrible, this is the worst test I have had to give my students, and I have been gving them for the past 10 years. The scoring scale is skewed as well. I have already complained on the NYSED site. Last year my mastery level for 100 students was 74% I don’t think that is going to happen this year.

  6. shannon says:

    I agree- I had kids that came to the review sessions and were trembling and crying- and the others were just blown away by the thematic. We wouldn’t let them leave until they did something on the paper because they have to have the points.
    I agree about the test- this will be my 6th year teaching Global and even sticking as close as we can to the test I am still amazed by some of the questions they ask.

  7. emma says:

    I’m a student that just took the global regents the other day and walked out of that class room feeling horrible. I hardly had time to finish in 3 hours! the thematic essay i thought was alright because my teacher had a very large review on Joseph Stalin so that’s what i did my essay on but the multiple choice and the DBQ were horrible. I’m an about average student in global history and have been getting good grades in global and even with all the studying i have done in and out of class for this regents it was not easy at all. On the multiple choice there was about 2 answers you could eliminate but you get to the last two and are completely stuck… i even remember coming across some where i could not even eliminate 1!!! it was a HORRIBLE test!

  8. Cat says:

    I’m a student who also took that test, and it was so specific! I thought for the multiple choice it would be basic questions, but it went into detail about things. I wanted to cry in the middle of it. Then I got to the thematic essay and wanted to walk out. I made the whole thing up. I knew what some of the things were that they were suggesting but not enough to write 5 paragraphs about it! A lot of people did Hitler but I was so stressed I didn’t even think of that. They should’ve suggested Hitler, that would have saved me. They probably didn’t because they knew everyone would do that because it would’ve been easy, but they’re mean so they didn’t. I probably failed or barely passed.

  9. Nicole says:

    I am also a student who took the regents, and thought it was totally unfair. All of the practice regents were decent, but then this test was just ridiculous. The multiple choice was so detailed, I just guessed on half of them. The thematic essay wasn’t that hard, because I thought of Hitler and used that as my essay. The DBQ was sort of hard, but I think I did alright on it. At the end of the test, I felt horrible and wanted to cry. The multiple choice was my biggest problem. Like Cat, I think i barely passed, or failed. And our teacher really prepared us for the test too. So we were prepared, and still couldn’t answer the questions.

  10. krista says:

    i am a student too and i thought that the DBQ questions weren’t clear and i had no idea what they were asking and i counted how many multiple choice i didnt know 100% and i counted 13! i mean i’ve done so many practice regents and this was so hard compared to those and i only wrote 1 page (the front of the 1st page and not the whole other side) for the thematic and i was worried because i wrote all i could and for the Dbq i made stuff up. my ave is a 93 and i feel like i might have gotten a 70

  11. emma again says:

    i felt the exact same way i got half way through and i was so done with it. The multiple choice were very specific as cat said and the thematic i did stalin because my teacher had us do a practice DBQ on stalin and i remembered an ok amount of information on that. A lot of my friends were saying they did Hitler too i thought that was a good idea that i could have done great on like Cat said also. I was so stressed from the questions i didn’t even think so i used what was suggested. Hitler should have been suggested. this test better have a huge curve!

  12. Jewels says:

    I totally agree with everyone. The test was really hard. In my school, we get mid-terms. My teacher told us that we will get within a 5 point range on our regents. Well I was the only person to get a 100 on the mid-term out of 150 students. This regents was very complicated. On all the old regents I ould maybe only get 3 questions wrong. On this test I an lucky if I an 85. FOr my thematic essay, I did Robespierre. I have no idea why. The only treason I did this is because I like French Revolution alot. Then the DB questions were trcky. And the most unfair multiple choice was about the Andes. How would I know that? Also on the regents, the Hong Kong question was hard. When I told my dad about it he said that I should read the news. He blamed me for not reading the news. Now I just realized that i was 5 in 1997 when that occurred. Like any of us read the news when we were in kindergarden. The people who made the regents are crazy!

  13. PW says:

    Did anyone get their grades?

  14. Bit Me says:

    well first of all these tests arent meant for adults, they arent meant for students who have learned this information in the past year or two depending on the student and secondly its supposed to be somewhat challenging otherwise what would be the point of a test?! jeez you guys really need to grow up and stop complaining

  15. je ne sais pas says:

    anyone have some ideas on how mercantilism connects with manorialism? my teacher has been hinting that for our finals essay

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